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LSD user, acidhead, addict, alcoholic, alcoholic addict, bacchanal, bacchanalian, bibber, big drunk, boozer, carouser, chain smoker, chronic alcoholic, chronic drunk, cocaine sniffer, cokie, cubehead, devotee of Bacchus, dope fiend, doper, drinker, drug abuser, drug addict, drug user, drunk, drunkard, fiend, freak, glue sniffer, guzzler, habitual, hard drinker, head, heavy drinker, heavy smoker, hophead, hype, imbiber, inebriate, junkie, lovepot, marijuana smoker, methhead, narcotics addict, oenophilist, pathological drinker, pillhead, pot companion, pothead, problem drinker, reveler, serious drinker, shikker, snowbird, soaker, social drinker, sot, speed freak, swigger, swiller, thirsty soul, tippler, toper, tosspot, tripper, user, wassailer, winebibber

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Dipsomaniac — Dip so*ma ni*ac, n. One who has an irrepressible desire for alcoholic drinks. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dipsomaniac — drunkard, 1858, from DIPSOMANIA (Cf. dipsomania); slang shortening dipso is from 1880 …   Etymology dictionary

  • dipsomaniac — alcoholic, inebriate, *drunkard, sot, soak, toper, tosspot, tippler …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • dipsomaniac — UK [ˌdɪpsəʊˈmeɪnɪæk] / US [ˌdɪpsoʊˈmeɪnɪˌæk] noun [countable] Word forms dipsomaniac : singular dipsomaniac plural dipsomaniacs someone who cannot control their feeling of wanting to drink alcohol …   English dictionary

  • dipsomaniac — dipsomania ► NOUN ▪ alcoholism. DERIVATIVES dipsomaniac noun. ORIGIN from Greek dipsa thirst …   English terms dictionary

  • dipsomaniac — noun see dipsomania …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • dipsomaniac — dipsomaniacal /dip seuh meuh nuy euh keuhl, soh /, adj. /dip seuh may nee ak , soh /, n. a person with an irresistible craving for alcoholic drink. [1855 60; DIPSOMANI(A) + AC] Syn. See drunkard. * * * …   Universalium

  • dipsomaniac — noun a) One with a morbid paroxysmal craving for alcohol; an alcoholic. b) A persistently drunken person; a drunkard. Syn …   Wiktionary

  • dipsomaniac — (Roget s IV) n. Syn. alcoholic, sot, boozer*; see drunkard …   English dictionary for students

  • dipsomaniac — dip|so|ma|ni|ac [ˌdıpsəˈmeıniæk] n BrE old fashioned [Date: 1800 1900; : Greek; Origin: dipsa feeling of wanting a drink + English maniac] someone who has a very strong desire for alcohol, which they cannot control = ↑alcoholic …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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